Virtual Lives, Social Etiquettes and its Implications


Socialising on cloud space has increased par levels in the past few years and that is one of the best things that happened to this generation. With such a wide choice of various social networks, and especially when we also have niche specific networks, like Instagram is a great platform to connect for those who love to click, twitter is for micro bloggers and quick wits, LinkedIn being a professional network, RockeTalk being the rich media and live community centric hangout. People have so much in the buffet to choose from, so they pick whatever suits their taste the most and start connecting.

People spend so much time on social media, in United States alone , people spent 121 billion minutes on these platforms in a single month collectively, individually that comes to 388 minutes or 6-1/2 hours(According Nielsen’s Social Media Report). We need to be a little cautious, that is where the concept of ‘Digital Boundaries’ comes into action. As said by Randi Zuckerberg, former CMO of Facebook and the author of the book ‘DOT Complicated’, “Technology has changed virtually every part of our lives. We live in a world of such rapid innovation – as the tools change, so do the social norms and etiquette that go with them.” She’s not someone who is one of the brigades against the use of social media, or the limits on using it, but limits on the way one uses it. She herself is a social fanatic, “Personally, along with being part of the team that built Facebook from early on, I also grew up on social media. These tools have affected how I raise my son, how I balance my career, and how I interact with friends and family, to name a few.” Randi said.

We cannot be totally careless or it may affect our presence in the real world also along with the virtual space. Sometimes we do post without giving a second thought, once in a while is cool, but it still can’t be way beyond boundaries, for e.g., you should not post any images/videos that you’d regret later on, or especially anything controversial related to your work, or flaunting your power in a negative way that would affect your image. But, it happens sometimes to the best of us, just the way the author of ‘DOT Complicated’ (the handbook that teaches us the social etiquettes, in a way), made a mistake when a tweet slipped out of her hands when she was not allowed to get into a bar with her friends, “Worst bar ever = ….. Worst bouncer ever = …. It would be a huge bummer if their Facebook pages ‘accidentally’ went down.” This tweet created a rage as at that time she held a Senior Management Post at Facebook, and definitely was playing an influential role over there. Later, she apologised for the same, but also with clarifications, that it was never put into the thought, and was just a random tweet. Well, not always you can get away with such explanations.

So, it is always advised to be on the better side of the social space, it is OKAY to go wild once in a while, but should always calculate the outcomes of the same.


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Witness the Movie Gods on mobile competing to be the best Gumcharader

Witness the Movie Gods on mobile competing to be the best Gumcharader


The time is over now when you would need a bundle of people to play the game of movie guessing, with Perfetti’s amazing innovative step to introduce Dumb-Charades as Gumcharades on web and mobile.

Where the game veterans like Kaddu Paaji, Ruk-Ruk Khan, Aiyyapa and Munna are fighting every moment to get their answers right, you also have a chance to join them in this race to top. It’s not only about who is right the most number of times, but also the fastest. So make your brain go bananas and let your clock do the tick-tock, get ready to win.

The Center fresh Gumcharades needs just you and your mobile phone, and you can turn into a Sherlock Holmes of movie code cracking. Centre fresh chose RockeTalk as its platform for mobile game play, and the fun has begun. This game is amazingly fun as well as easy to play. All you need to do is just log in to your RockeTalk account, or sign up, and just go to the game center placed inside the app. There is a choice for three playmates to play with, and you can play with any to begin with and end with all. The playmate would enact the movie for you and you have to guess and enter your response.

The game flow keeps on going like this till you need a help, for that there are clues enacted by the playmates themselves. Once you have answered all the questions for a single playmate you can go to the Scores Page called ‘Leaderboard’, where you will see your total score, score as per individual playmate and also the total scores of the leaders of this game.

Even though the entertainment in this game is an incentive for playing, still Perfetti has kept many exciting prizes for top scorers and leaders of the game.

If you have the wit and are really a movie buff, Gumcharades is one thing that you shouldn’t miss.

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As RockeTalk proves again to be the leading Mobile Marketing Tool.

As RockeTalk proves again to be the leading Mobile Marketing Tool.

In what mood did you wake up today? Happy? Chirpy? Pumped-up? Maybe Angry? Hung-over? Everybody wakes up with a different mood every day, and that is what we played around for the Nescafe Moodies campaign, it was designed around the idea of morning moods, as Nescafe being a coffee brand focuses on Kick Start your morning, the concept developed by our creative think tank Arvind Joshi was to present various moods a person wakes up with.

In this buzz around moods, every user who logged in from 6am-11am got an inbox drop encouraging them to choose their morning mood for the day. The moods were pre-designed and the same were provided to the user, to choose one from the option they were given.

The mood selected got updated as the user’s status and also went in the updates time-line of his friend. The same went on like a chain reaction, as being enthused by a friend’s update, more and more users tend to use Nescafe Moodies to reflect their mood.

We the team of RockeTalk are proud as well as pleased to put this in the picture that the ‘Nescafe Moodies’ Campaign won the Gold Awards in the best use of messaging category at the MMA Smarties APAC Awards, and we do thank Maxus India for showing the faith in us to perform and deliver the best and giving us the chance to perform branding for Nescafe on our platform. The category ‘Best use of Messaging’ recognizes the innovative uses conceptualized and developed upon the very simple tool of messaging.

The same campaign also won the Bronze Smarties for the category Relationship Building/CRM at MMA Smarties India.

Another campaign for Idea, “Hello, Honey Bunny”, also has received huge amount of recognition and appreciation. The campaign was designed over the idea of Profile Ring Back Tone (PRBT), the jingle ‘Hello, honey bunny’ was offered to users through inbox message to set it as their PRBT. Whenever anyone would visit the user’s profile, the track would start playing. In this way, the brand jingle got a mass reach, and users were humming it in their mind, or openly, which helped a lot in leaving a mark of brand on them.

This campaign won Silver Smarties at MMA APAC for the category, In App Advertising – gaming, and a Gold Smarties at MMA Awards India for the same category.

This was not the first time that RockeTalk has come up with an innovative idea for branding, it has been the premium platform for mobile advertising and branding in India. Our Marketing Leader Sameer Agarwal, CMO RockeTalk, with his great ideas and marketing strategies has always been able to present RockeTalk as “THE” leading mobile marketing tool.

MMA, Mobile Marketing Association, holds MMA Smarties awards for the best performing and outshining campaigns on Mobile Media. It is one of the most prestigious awards of the Industry, and only after closely analyzing the campaigns all over the world they decide the nominations and so honor the best with the award.

MMA this year has various award ceremonies, three of which have already been held, in China, Singapore and New Delhi, the last one to be held is in New York. MMA is a well established and globally recognized association which honors both regional as well as global performers.

The most recent awards held in Singapore the ‘MMA Smarties APAC’ judged the talent, innovation and creation put into the mobile marketing by various teams of marketers and brands and the deserving campaigns were recognized and gratified with the great expression of Smarties awards.

At last, the team is deeply honored, pleased and wants to thank MMA with heartfelt joy.

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Not only Iraq got invaded but so did your timeline.



America, one of the strongest economies in the world, has in the past some time been taking its toll around the world. The invasions over the Gulf countries and Afghanistan, taking charge as if its their own land. Well, as per the laws I’m not even allowed to enter my neighbour’s garden without his permission, for very simple reasons that it’s trespassing.

The American invasions are no more a denied fact, and even us the Americans don’t support it and take no pride in it. Well, as per the discussion is about invasion there is another type of invasion which has been like a bug in the rug for people, Timeline Invasion.

Most of the social peeps would have got what I want to say, and for those who didn’t, Timeline Invasion is, when people, in your friends/following list, post some senseless posts and statuses, that too in a huge number, is said to be timeline invasion.

Well at first, as most of the users of social media also would have experience and felt the same, just the way we fail to find Invasions by American Army and Government meaningful, same is about the posts invading your timeline for nothing. At times it might be the people you know, and maybe someone you just added thinking what’s wrong with making a few more connection, after all what’s social media for. Well, that’s not always right, sometimes it turns ugly when it turns this way, and you end up with a timeline invader, so always be careful when you add random people, just check their profile out once, I’m not talking about security concerns or so over here, just simply that you should know what you are getting into. The new connection is a good company not an invader.

A few days ago a person on Facebook got a wall post from an unknown person, saying this

profile post


Now, does it ring a bell when we just simply say a word ‘Iraq’. It can be considered as understood, that how these two invasions have similarities in them. As it was heard around the corner of the street that its just like your mother in law coming over and telling you what curtains you should have, she has the power, but no right.

Another similarity between American invasion and timeline invasion is that, both are out of your control, people will post, and the U.S Army, if they want, will come and conquer, take over the control.

One day at home, my friend was using my laptop, and he started going through my Facebook, I instantly stopped him and asked, ‘what are you doing?’ and so he said, ‘ I think there’s a stalker in your profile I will hunt him down and delete from list’. First I felt weird, and than just informed him well ‘Dude, this ain’t no Afghanistan and you are not U.S army, so please move aside.

The stories just keep going on and on, but it’s considerably enough that we stand on the same ground on the similarities.

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How Royal Baby enjoyed the Throne of Social Media

How Royal Baby enjoyed the Throne of Social Media

The Royal Baby was born last week on 22nd July at 4:24 P.M. weighing 8 pounds and 6 ounces, and it created a huge buzz over the Social Media, coming out as a leading trend on mostly all of the major Social Networks. Well, after all it was the Royal Baby, but the response went beyond anticipations. North, son of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian too got a tremendous publicity especially over the Social Media, but that was majorly because people just wanted to pull the string on the Name “North West”. But, this time the whole buzz was only about the excitement of the new heir to the throne.

According to the study by Social Bakers, The Total Mentions on Twitter itself with the hashtag #RoyalBaby has been about a Millions in the month of July and recorded 746,785 tweets on July 22nd, the day of the birth itself. That is a huge number in one day, this number could beat so many Social Campaigns which were designed to go bizarre. Whereas, this was not a designed campaign, but an event of a baby born.

The craze was not only on Twitter, but Pinterest as well, a user on Pinterest created a Cake upon the same event. See the Image below.

 Cake of Royal Baby on Pinterest

Royal Baby was trending in Media in RockeTalk as well, there was huge buzz created around this event by the users, many shared videos, and there was a huge response upon the same.

 Royal Baby RockeTalk

 Royal Baby RockeTalk Trend

Well, as the world was excited and too much of buzz was going on, obviously not everything was straight and serious, there were a few jokes about it too, this is what Professor Snape from Harry Potter tweeted. (Image Below)

 Harry Potter tweet on Royal Baby

And this tweet gathered one of the highest engagements (Re-Tweets and Favourites)

With this Trending topic, Brands made a good use of the event. The Images below are the few examples.

 Visit Britain Ad on Royal Baby

The Image and tweet created by ‘Visit Britain’ Organisation

Oreo Ad on Royal Baby

Oreo’s Ad Image on the birth of the Royal Baby

 royal baby delta air

Delta Air inviting the Royal Baby to fly with them

The response to this buzz was not all positive, there were a lot of people over the social sphere who got tired of this trending topic, and wanted to block the updates ion their timeline. It was high time for them and they were done with obsessing about someone else’s baby. Well, there was a solution to that as well. Three major solutions were provided for the same, Firstly, Install extension for chrome, its an extension which removes all the baby updates and content from your timeline. Second option was to filter your tweets through tweetdeck. The last option if nothing worked, was, to close your eyes, Yes, Royal Baby was such a major buzz that it could be the only option for people.

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Provide a Product in your Customer’s Hands

Provide a Product in your customer’s hands


Every brand wants a wide outreach program when they are looking for marketing and advertisement. Promotions are not an easy task, but what if you can give out your product in your customer’s hand, while they are on the move. Confused? Well we are talking about mobile media marketing. Mobile media is a fast growing element of marketing and still continues to prosper. Over the period, the engagement on mobile has increased widely and why wouldn’t it? It is the most convenient and fun device at hand today.

People may counter this with tablets and iPad, well, by a mobile device we do mean anything and everything you can carry easily and use on the move. Forming a marketing strategy in which you cover a mobile marketing plan is always a smart move.

With help of mobile media you can actually give your product in public’s hands, the reach becomes easy, a mobile marketing plan includes promotions through apps, ad campaigns.

There have been many successful such campaigns like Nokia Mobile Antakshari, Mentos Batti Jalao, YouTube PRBT, Samsung Incredible Art and Alpenliebe @ Chocó Éclair Zone and many more. Brands have really found mobile as a great property for brand awareness and specially launching products.

The Nokia Antakshari Campaign was a launch promotion program for Nokia Asha, one of the most successful smart feature phones, the response was splendid, outreach program was successful and the results were beyond marks.

Similarly there have many such campaigns and have successfully left their mark on user’s mind, the thing that every brand looks for in a marketing campaign. It is very important to make a campaign influential and with a wide approach, a campaign which can easily reach the maximum number of people in the most cost effective way.

Another great advantage about a mobile campaign is that it most cost effective, viable and feasible of all other Medias possible.

Mobile phones with widening user base and increasing number in sales, continue make it a better tool for marketing, and might end up as the centre point and an essential  for promotions.

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Now, your Social Profile talks in your own Voice.

Now, your Social Profile talks in your own Voice


Facebook has developed itself as a viral social media over the time in past few years. It has an extensive user base and has a strong engagement going on there, people enjoy sharing media, making friends and gathering over groups and following their favorites over pages. The way Facebook has always tried making the conversations most interactive, yet they never could take an innovative step of introducing audio status, one which can make engagement more viral than ever.

RockeTalk on the other hand, till now which has proven itself to be the most innovative social networking mobile app, took this step, a long time back of adding the feature of audio status, through which people can just record anything and put that as their status, this has been used by people extensively as their audio profile as well.

The recently launched the feature by RockeTalk of sharing your audio status directly to Facebook, in which way it will go as a post or status on Facebook, making the users enabled to update an audio status on Facebook, giving a boost to your words.

There is so much which would not be said best in just words, but if the same is said in one’s own voice, and then the whole output changes.


Facebook Status


The status above, simply states a funny situation form a day to day life of a user, but if this same was posted in user’s own voice, especially with the mimic of the dad’s part, it would have been much more fun and expressive, and that’s the power of voice, and the way it triggers fun.

RockeTalk has done the same for its users, and since the time the feature of sharing audio status on Facebook has been launched, it may go bonkers, the way users will use this feature is beyond anyone’s imagination. People will definitely use it to send out their status in the most innovative and crazy ways, with audio, the frequency of status updates might just even increase in good numbers, as that is more easy, catchy and interactive.

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